Thursday, November 19, 2009

Its Been So Long...

For every love i know...

it's been sooo...... long that i haven't care much to look at this blogger stuffs. well, this year is a very busy year i guess. Erm, let me correct, not a guess but it's a fact. right from the beginning of the year and until now, it seems like an endless works.

There's so many things happen that drag me away from preoccupying myself with blogging. it started with, my one and only abah left us to meet the Greatest Creator, then busy with the practicum school, my kaklong got engaged, and busy again with my first posting school,(finally, i am employed as a teacher, *a relief sigh*), then, double up the busy with the preparation of wedding to my man. then, triple up the busy with the school again. since it's the end of the year, got so many tasks to settle up (i am a class ticer ;-] )

and now, (exhale slowly) not so busy...writing very calmly...well, at first i thought of deleting this. but someone has inspired me to write again... Indah>>>se indah name nye, mencadangkan kepada ku untuk kembali aftif menjadi blogger..hee.

She asked me to write about my new phase of life and my last experiences, mostly on L.O.V.E lor...huuu.erm, she's now is craving for IT. heh! InsyaAllah, i'll try my best to motivate and inspire you in the topic of L.O.V.E. =)

i think that's enough for a starter. lets meet again in the next entry. Bubye!