Monday, January 26, 2009

stay back??oh nooo!

it's been a long time i didnt update my liliclilac nih...yela, since got no story to write, so i just being silent laa..heee

well, today aku n lianot stay back at skool. de kelab and persatuan lorr..hukhuk. as a guru penasihat for PBSM, aku kene la wat muka rajin even though rase cm nk blk tido jek...ari slase la aku plg sedih sbb xleh blk awl...hukhuk
thank God, this friday is holiday. it motivates me a lot! sape kate bdk2 je suka cuti?ckgu pon suke gak taw...especially teacher like me! heh.

nway, activity for today is cooking nasi lemak...the pupils from year 4 until 6 going to cook nasi lemak..erk?? xtaw la pe rase nye nnti...huuu. n i will post their pictures cooking nasi lemak in the next entry. so, stay tuned! cewah....